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Advertising with the the Off the Beaten Path Florida Arts Tours is essentially becoming a supporting sponsor of the event, for which we are grateful!

For Artists on the Tour

Participating artists may purchase a rotating slide in the “Featured Artist” section of both the Home page as well as the appropriate Tour page. The standardized “Featured Artist” ad will include three of the artist’s images, and will click through to a dedicated Artist Details page with location map and other information. Cost: $200/year.

For Organizations

Cultural institutions , companies, or other organizations that would like to advertise as a “Featured Sponsor” may submit custom artwork for a rotating slide on the Home page and the appropriate Tour page. The size of the artwork should be 900 pixels wide by 450 pixels high, and should be readable when shrunk down to about 300 pixels wide for mobile phones. The ad will also click to whatever website is URL provided. Cost $350/year.