All Artists

Bobbi Baugh

Textile Collage - paper/fabric collages; art quilts

Cathy Berse

Painting - plein air, oil


Ceramics - stoneware and porcelain

Susan Borthwick

Ceramics - stoneware

Barry Bostwick

Ceramics - clay


Painting - watercolor and acrylic

Alison Burnett

Drawing, Painting - charcoal, oil

Tom Burns

Applied Art - mixed media assemblage

Courtney Canova

Painting - acrylic, ink

Kelly Canova

Illustration, Photography, Embroidery

Linda Clifford

Painting and Collage - acrylic, abstract

Kelly Anne Cornell

Ceramics - functional and sculptural

Patricia Downey (Guest)

Painting - acrylic, watercolor, oil

Dominique DuBois

Painting - oil and acrylic

Cheri Erdman

Painting - acrylic and Mixed Media

Elisabeth C. Ferber

Painting - oil and acrylic

Jorge Fernandini

Painting - watercolors

David Fithian

Painting, Drawing, Photography

Stacey Fletcher

Painting - Mixed Media

Florida Society of Goldsmiths

Metalsmithing - silver, copper, gemstones

Adele Gerbracht 

Cement, fabric, wood, vintage items

Carly Gibran


NC Hagood

Painting - Mixed Media

Jennifer Harper


Deborah Hildinger

Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Fiber, Digital Imagery, Mixed Media 3D

Jack Hill

Sculpture - bronze, wood, resin, mixed media

Hi Octane Jewelry

Jewelry - silversmithing, lost wax casting

Carson Kapp

Painting - acrylic and Mixed Media

Ludlow Lambertson

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture - graphite, ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil, wood, metal, glass, high-density foam

Rachel Gordon Lambertson

Drawing, Painting - graphite, ink, acrylic

Barbara R. Lange


Mark LeBlanc

Sculpture/Furniture - stone, wood

Emily Lewis


Nancy Esther Livingston


Steve Lytle

Pottery - stoneware, porcelain, raku

John Margerum

Ceramics - high-fired stoneware and porcelain, functional

Janice McElroy-Gillespie

Fiber - gourds with pine needle basketry

Nevin Mercede

Painting - acrylics

Susan Miller

Illustration - digital, acrylic, mixed media

Deborah Gray Mitchell


Diane Moore

Coiled Basketry - long leaf pine needles, faux sinew, Irish linen thread, copper wire

Paul Morris

Photography and Sculpture

Jenny Murin (Guest)


Ray Olivero

Oil Painting and Photography

Kathy O'Meara

Mixed Media Collage and Assemblage - acrylic and found objects

Janet Onofrey (Guest)

Painting - oil and watercolor

Katherine Parfet

Painting, Collage - acrylic

Jason Parodi

Painting - oil, watercolor

Sheila Psaledas

Painting - oil and acrylic

Margaret Schnebly-Hodge

Drawing and Painting

Sherril Schoening

Painting - dyes on silk

Claire Seminario (Guest)

Jewelry - bead weaving

Robin Serna


Jane Slivka

Painting - acrylic

Alexa Smarsh (Guest)

Jewelry - enamel

Katty Smith

Painting and Sculpture - acrylic, mixed media and ceramic

Karen Tweedie

Jewelry - silver, gold, gems, unconventional materials

Trish Vevera

Painting - oil, acrylic, oil and cold wax

Suzanne Zielinski

Soft Pastel on sanded paper

Carol Zodrow

Glass Fusion - glass, silver, copper, driftwood