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All Artists

Bobbi Baugh

Textile Collage / Art Quilts - acrylics and fabric

Michele Beaujardin (Guest)

Painting - oil

Cathy Berse

Plein Air Painting
Oil Painting


Ceramic Stoneware and Porcelain

Barry Bostwick

Ceramic Stoneware and Porcelain


Mixed Media
2 Dimensional and
3 dimensional


Acrylic, Casein, Watercolor, Mixed Media


Watercolor Painting and Pastel

Stephen Cantwell

Painting - oil and acrylic

Sandra Cassady

Photography - HD Chromoluxe metal prints, fine art paper

Linda Clifford

Painting - acrylic monoprinting, Collage,
Alcohol ink

Richard Colvin (Guest)

Painting - acrylic monoprinting, Collage,
Alcohol ink

Kelly Anne Cornell

Ceramics: Functional

Patricia Downey (Guest)

Painting, Drawing, Design - acrylics, watercolor, pencil

Dominique DuBois

Painting, Drawing - oil, acrylic, charcoal

Cheri Erdman

Painting - Acrylic and Mixed Media

Jorge Fernandini

Painting - watercolor

David Fithian

Painting, Drawing, Photography

Stacey Fletcher

Painting - Mixed Media

Adele Gerbracht 

Mixed Media - cement

Carly Gibran

Functional and Sculptural Ceramics

Frederick A. Goldstein

Sculpture - Metal

Deborah Gray-Mitchell


NC Hagood

Painting - Mixed Media

Jennifer Harper

Relief Printmaking on Paper or Fabric

Deborah Hildinger

Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Fiber, Digital Imagery, Mixed Media 3D

Jack Hill

Sculpture – bronze, wood, repurposed materials

Hi Octane Jewelry

Jewelry - silversmithing, lost wax casting

Mary Holtz (Guest)

Painting - alcohol ink

Carson Kapp

Painter - Acrylic and Mixed Media

Ludlow Lambertson

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture - graphite, ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil - wood, metal, glass, plastic, hi-density foam

Judie Lee

Mixed media, painting, printmaking, clay, jewelry, and clothing

Nancy Esther Livingston


Steve Lytle

Decorative & Functional and Raku Pottery

John Margerum

Painting, Drawing, Digital, Functional Stoneware

Janice McElroy-Gillespie

Fiber - Gourds with Pine Needle Basketry

Nevin Mercede

Painting - Acrylics

Susan Miller-Ceskavich

Illustration, Painting - acrylic, pencil, marker, digital

Jackii Molsick

Wild Ibis Art Studio
Watercolor Painting, Pastel, Collage

Diane Moore

Fiber Crafts, Coiled Basketry - fiber (Southern LongLeaf pine needles)

Paul Morris


Jenny Murin (Guest)

Sculptural & Practical Stoneware and Porcelain Pottery

Ray Olivero

Oil Painting and Photography

Kathy O'Meara

Mixed Media Collage and Assemblage - Acrylic and Found Objects

Katherine Parfet


Heather Pastor

Visual Arts — Acrylic Paint and Paper Collage

Sheila Psaledas

Painting - Oil, Acrylic

Margaret Schnebly-Hodge

Drawing and Painting

Sherril Schoening

Painting – dyes on silk, acrylic, mixed media

Eric Schooley


Jane Slivka

Acrylic Painting

Alexa Smarsh (Guest)

Jewelry - Enamel

Katty Smith

Painting and Sculpture - Acrylic, Mixed Media and Ceramic

Rachel Thompson

Mixed Media Painting, Jewelry - oil, encaustic, transmuted waste styrofoam

Karen Tweedie

Jewelry/Accessories - metal

Two B's Studio


Trish Vevera

Painting - Oil, Acrylic, Oil & Cold Wax

Sonya Watson (Guest)

Sterling Silver fabrication, Semi-precious Stones

Beau Wild

Painting - Acrylic, Mixed Media

Suzanne Zielinski

Soft Pastel on Sanded Paper