Carson Kapp

16. Carson Kapp

Painting - acrylic
  • 386-314-5788
  • 205 Parktowne Blvd., Suite #3, Edgewater, FL 32132
“Welcoming my inner child, one curly headed girl playing with the magic of color, exploring wonky, whimsical, energetic worlds of my imagination connects me with my true spirit. Dancing with the pure joy and wonder of life for true happiness. In my former life I was an architect. My work was commercial, massive in scale, and complex. As an architect I was concerned with structure, safety, and function. As an artist I am free of those constraints, free to move into a world purely of my own creation. I invite you to use my art to embrace your own joy.”


Studio located within the Parktowne Industrial Center off Park Avenue in Edgewater. Follow main road, Parktowne, to the address.