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14 Studios – 19 Artists

Includes locations in Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Edgewater and New Smyrna Beach.

Use the interactive map below on your phone for your self-guided tour.
The URL for this page is: ArtsTours.org/East-Volusia-Tour


1. Sheila Psaledas

Painting - Oil, Acrylic

2. Nevin Mercede

Painting - Acrylics

3. NC Hagood

Painting - Mixed Media

4. Heather Pastor

Visual Arts — Acrylic Paint and Paper Collage

5. Frederick A. Goldstein

Sculpture - Metal

6. Carson Kapp

Painter - Acrylic and Mixed Media

6. Cheri Erdman

Painting - Acrylic and Mixed Media

6. Kathy O'Meara

Mixed Media Collage and Assemblage - Acrylic and Found Objects

6. Katherine Parfet


7. Deborah Hildinger

Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Fiber, Digital Imagery, Mixed Media 3D

8. Katty Smith

Painting and Sculpture - Acrylic, Mixed Media and Ceramic

9. Janice McElroy-Gillespie

Fiber - Gourds with Pine Needle Basketry

9. Cathy Berse (Guest)

Pleian Air Painting - oil

9. Alexa Smarsh (Guest)

Jewelry - Enamel

10. Beau Wild

Painting - Acrylic, Mixed Media

11. Margaret Schnebly-Hodge

Drawing and Painting

12. Stacey Fletcher

Painting - Mixed Media

13. Christine

Acrylic, Casein, Watercolor, Mixed Media

14. Trish Vevera

Painting - Oil, Acrylic, Oil & Cold Wax